Massage Traditionnel Chinois - TUINA


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The Centre " KIN MASSAGE " offers therapeutic techniques that give you pleasant feelings. They provide your body and your mind a sense of well-being unique. Traditional and Western Medicine, Center KIN MASSAGE give you the best care.

Enjoy our expertise and skills.


We are located in Paris' 10th arrondissement. Our rooms have been installed by Ms. Liang Shao Ping. She practiced the method of Traditional Chinese Medicine "Tuina massage, Acupuncture" since 1990 in a clinic in Guangzhou People's Republic of China.

Ms. Liang Shao Ping and his collaborator treatment by acupuncture, moxa and vacuum, migraine, arthritis, insomnia, neuralgia, stress etc...

Our Skills

Based on the reconstruction of the well-being stimulates and Chinese Medicine treats health problems both physical, physiological, anatomical. The experience of Ms. Tsang in this area ensures unparalleled results. His care you provide comfort, balance and relaxation.

Our success in traditional Chinese medicine

The Tuina massage is an important branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With this technique of acupressure, the practitioner obtains the restoration movement of vital energy. This allows the total relief of muscle aches. The fact of the revitalization IQ allows the body to have new ways to redefine itself against certain illnesses like colds or flu.

Caution: This massage parlour strictly practises Chinese traditional massage! | Centre KIN - MASSAGE 22 rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris | tel : 01 44 65 00 48 | Subway : Louis Blanc - Château Landon line 7 & 7 bis. - Jaurès - line 2 - 5 & 7 bis | Bus : Louis Blanc - line 26. 54. 48.