Massage Traditionnel Chinois


Citizens in metropolises are paying more and more attention on their health, because they are always living under huge pressure caused by life and work. They are thus more liable to suffer from insomnia, fatigue, headaches, dizzinesses, muscles soreness, high blood pressure and heart and brain diseases. According to the traditional Chinese method, the interest of Chinese massage lies in the rebalancing of the energetic systems. Deep massage, as it is carried out with softness and since it is closely linked to the bladder meridian, is particularly potent to relax in depth, to treat back and urinary problems, as well as to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow.

Chinese massage consists in stimulating with the fingers acupuncture points. These being linked to precise body areas, pressure in them aims at restoring the balance of energy within the body in order to activate the proper functioning of the inner secretion system and favour the fluidity of the energy along the meridian lines of the body. The efficiency of such massages obviously lies in the ability of the practitioner.

Facial Traditional Chinese Medicine - Imperial Ancestral method

This treatment, several thousand, was reserved exclusively for the emperor, his wives and the highest imperial dignitaries. The cranial massage, performed with a mixture of specific essential oils and acupressure, allows you to completely relieve the pain caused by migraines, sinusitis and to all the headaches, whatever their origins. It also helps to find a true peaceful and restorative sleep.

The Foot Reflexology

The Foot Reflexology is a wonderful technique which allows stimulation of zones and foot reflex points, to relax, rebalance and invigorate the body. The Foot Reflexology aims to be a mapping, the most realistic, the human body as a skeleton but also in his muscles and organs.


The cupping glass adheres to some parts of the skin and produces a stimulation which enables skin decongestion so as to treat various diseases. Its functions are multiple: promote blood and energy circulation, spread out cold and humidity,jugulate pains, treat respiratory affections, cold snaps, chills, flus and so on.


Guasha is a decongestioning and painkiller massage technique propitious to the treatment of chronic or acute troubles. Thus, the method consists in bringing the Shas out of the skin surface by frictionning or scarping them quickly over an oiled skin with the help of a little round-edged spatula. Rubbing aims at evacuating energy or blood congestion indeed a general inflammatory state.

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