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Waist common four kinds of "pain"

Low back pain four culprits

Lumbar disc herniaire and prolepses:

The protective effect of lumbar inter-dimensional ring  broken vertebra in material incentives, oppression nerves.

Strain of lumbar muscles:

Back muscles after a long period Bang tight, stretch, after fatigue, the formation of traumatic inflammation.

Lumbar vertebra hyperplasia:

Lumbar intervertébral disc degeneration due to prolonged injury, vertebral pathological hyperplasia occurs, commonly known as bone spurs.

Lumbar spinal stencils:

In addition to congenital factors, disc degeneration can cause spinal canal stencils before and after showed varying degrees, thus the nerve.

"Prematurely" vertebral early warning signals of five

Low back pain:

The most common and most easily perceived clinical manifestations, pain, time, number of days or years. Deep sense of pain location, activity increased, after bed rest to reduce.

The big toe numb:

shoes, walking no access to power when the big toe, and even toes mopping the floor, there will appear the instep or the soles of the feet Ma Ma and so on.

Leg pain:

the performance of a leg (a small number of people are two legs) pain, hemp, cold, heat expansion, about 98% of lumbar disc herniation appears to have had leg pain symptoms.

Waist easily sprain:

waist is easy to be "stretch" to just bend over and took something, or wash your face, get up, Die Beizi lower back pain can take place, this situation is probably not muscle strain but a lumbar intervertebral disc signals .


If you find around the spine become distorted, even without low back pain symptoms, it may be early symptoms of lumbar change.

Back injury most "pain" 5 types of people

Long-term sitting in the office, often driving long-term bending or the waist to work outside in a fixed position, as well as too thin waist of the women workers are most likely to lead to lower back muscles and intervertebral disc acute and chronic injuries. So such people should always keep the correct posture in the waist to prevent the transition of fatigue, to prevent the lower back injury and catch cold, strengthening the waist muscle exercise.

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